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IT Professionals

As statistics said and as reality shows, Romania is one of best in the world in terms of IT professionals. Being ranked as one of the top 10 countries in the world in this domain, Romania is able to offer the necessary resources for projects of every type, size or area of competence.
itactiq e.K. has a large database with ones of the best trained professionals from Romania. Our specialists are serious, flexible and they have a large experience in their fields. Can't be forget their working speed and their capability to overcome all the problems that occur in a project development.
Our domain of competence has a very wide range. A short list of those domains is displayed below, but it can be extended at any time.

Programming languages/Development Environments
  Visual Basic, Visual C/C++, .NET suite
  Kylix, GNU tools, QT, KDE
  C/C+ +
  Macromedia Cold Fusion
  JAVA (J2ME, J2SM, J2EE, servlets, beans)
  Lotus Domino/Notes
  Borland Delphi, Borland C/C++ Builder
  ORACLE 8&9i
  Microsoft SQL
  Microsoft Access
  Bind 9&9
Web Servers
  Microsoft IIS
  Java Server
  Apache Webserver
Distributed computing
Web Tools
  ASP, JSP, JavaScript, DHTML
  WML, WML Script, HTML
  Servlets, EJB
Operating Systems
  FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD
  Linux, Solaris
  Windows 9x /NT/2000/XP/CE
  AIX, Mainframe, MVS

They are also specialists in operating systems development; commercial, financial and administrative software infrastructure;
Scripting and programming languages compilers .
If a client wishes to use IT professionals from Germany, itactiq e.K. has also a database with such professionals which can be used to work for client's projects.

Capability Transfer
We can offer to our clients a person qualified or nonqualified for every position that he requires. Speed is crucial in today economy. Seeking for a certain individual to fill a position can be time-consuming, and therefore the costs can grow proportionally with time. Using our services you can be sure that you will receive in the shortest amount of time a person that will fil perfectly your position.

Human Resources
If you need qualified or nonqualified person to hire in your company for an unlimited amount of time we can offer you personnel from almost every field: nurses, house keeping, construction workers, an so on...
Using itactiq e.K. services you can be sure that you will find the perfect match to your position.
Job market intermediation is one of itactiq's strongest points. Any position, any specialization, any workplace can find a correspondence in our database.
Do you need serious persons, qualified, nonqualified, IT professionals, specialists in other domains that can raise to the standard level of a german company? Then itactiq e.K. is your ideal partner.
Our fields can cover a wide range of domains, from plain workers to high performance specialists.
Although there is a large competition in the job market, itactiq e.K. has a top position because of it's price/quality correspondence.
itactiq e.K. database contains the best on it's field, and it's services are able to achieve highest levels of performance.
The IT professional that we recommend cover a wide range of domains starting with
The bottom line is that whatever domain of competence you desire we are able to cover. Using our services your problem can be solved in a shortest amount of time and with full efficiency.

To the companies that have projects to make and wish a 3rd party company to do it we can offer a wide range of companies that are able to finish their projects at the right term and on a high level of quality, and also with lower costs.
Speed is not important as long as quality is not good. Using our services your quality standard will not go lower.
Regardless to the nature, amount of time or size of your projects do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a customized solution which will satisfy all your requirements.

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