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Full-Service for Eastern Europe

If a company wishes to open a branch in Romania itactiq e.K. is able to offer full-services in this matter. Starting with a feasibility study, searching a location and finishing with completed all the paper work and getting all the necessary documents from the proper authorities. itactiq e.K. has contacts in all the places which are accredited by the Romanian Law to give authorizations and release proper documents, and therefore is a very reliable consultant which is able to offer you the best alternatives for a fact. Considering the fact that the hierocratic system in Romania, as well as in the rest or Eastern Europe, is quite complicated, a consultant like itactiq e.K. means speed, means over timing the competition. Constant modification of the law make a company that wishes to open a branch in Romania to encounter all sorts of barriers in obtaining the right and proper documents in a short period of time.
Investments in East-Europe, at this point in time, are a gateway to a huge development potential, a real opportunity for a company to grow, and, in the same time, using low costs. A lot of important companies from West-Europe are coming to invest in Romania, to open new branches, or just working points. Why don't you do the same?
We are here to help you to speed up the process.


There are companies that have big projects to finish. Costs for such projects, in West-Europe can be very large. itactiq e.K. can lower your costs using very well qualified resources from Eastern Europe.
Starting from a very well done analysis, a development study and finishing with deploying the project, we can give all to you. The responsibility and the way that project will develop will be entirely on your hands, but there is the advantage of the resources to give the project “ready made”.
Beased on the contacts that were already established, itactiq e.K. can offer to it's clients well trained personnel, with a overwhelming power to assimilate, and a low cost.
Outsourcing is growing bigger day by day. The advantages for this system are great, and why don't have a benefit from them.
You have the possibility to receive “instant” all the information's you need and start directly to solve the problems regarding the main project not it's development. Use our resources in your best interest.

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